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I believe in men.

I believe that men are born-leaders; instinctively ready to plan, build and conquer whatever they put their hearts on, and to do it with greatness.

Why am I saying this? Because, somehow, the world seems to have forgotten this truth.

In fact, it seems today’s modern society is on a mission to raise women to the highest pedestal in all layers of life, while generally trampling men on the way.
I believe the origin of this movement does have pure motives: a strong conviction to end social injustice that usually affects the weaker ones – poor, racial minorities, women, gays, etc.. This should be natural to western society, as Christianity is the foundation of it, at least in some degree. (By the way, lets not forget this passion to love the weak only takes relevant proportions after Jesus Christ comes and lives as a Human, leaving followers to live out His principles of life.)

However, this passion seems to be taking down more than just injustice and prejudice. In a way only humans can do, we are amplifying the threats and exaggerating the solutions when gender issues are concern.

I’m not talking about excusing abuses or using too much of the law to protect people. Of course there is no amplifying or exaggerating enough the need to protect the abused! Laws should be refined and reinforced with no mercy to the cruel selfish who thinks of humans as objects, whoever and wherever he is.

And I’m not saying also that women shouldn’t be sided to men in importance and space of influence. There is not one thing in a woman’s brain that makes her be less spectacular than a man. That’s just an irrefutable biological fact.

What I am saying however is that perhaps the strategies for pulling women up to the stage of men made us forget the nobility of their motives and became simply wrong by sheer force of will to make it happen.

Just think of the thousands of jokes you hear on TV, what you see on the movies, on commercials and even hear on friendly circles. Men of old, well, they were cool, with their hats and suits and gentlemenness (does this word exists?). Now modern men? Modern men are an excuse for a human being! Incapable of doing two things at a time, can’t concentrate on your eyes for more than 3 seconds (because what’s below your neck is too interesting), can’t work and take care of the house in the same day, live more to appease their physical needs than to use their braincells…  and you get the picture of this reality, the one they want you to believe.

This being said, it’s easy the understand the growing difficulty women have to trust and commit to men in general. Of course there is a lot of reasons for you to don’t trust another human. And a person doesn’t have to be male to disappoint you, if we’re being honest. That’s a prerogative of humankind.

But if you are constantly being told that men are simply dumber, self-centered idiots, with no sensibility or perception of others, living to take advantage of you and thinking of it every minute of their limited lives, maybe you get affected by it… and start believing in the lie that men ARE indeed inferior to women. And all of this was just to bring women higher!

Lets acknowledge the truth: if you need to put someone down to make you look taler, I’m sorry to disappoint you, my female friend, but you ARE actually smaller than the person you’re trying to surpass.

I don’t believe this is the right way of making social justice. Specially because it’s using lies to exalt the truth and that’s just twisted and wrong.

Can’t you see the damage this is causing to men all around you (and to women, if we’re honest)?

So here I leave some simple notes to all men (and women) that could be reading this:

Go find the meaning of life and your personal mission on the One who made you and not on the voices around you. God is the only One who can answer the questions that matter and show you His original purpose for your existence, and tell you what you can or cannot do. All other voices are reflections of His voice OR opposers of His truth. Learn to know the difference.

Your life is as valuable as the best person who loves you. Does this make sense? An example: If your mom is a great honorable woman, than you have as much natural value as she has, because she loves you. Another example: If the Creator of the Universe loves you in a practical, public, undeniable way, then you must be really important to Him. Got it? This is what love does to you. Treasure it. It’s getting hard to find these days.

You are not the only person that fails, that feels weak sometimes, that knows there is something intrinsically wrong inside of you. You are definitely NOT alone on this, and try never to forget it. In failing, we are all the same, man, woman, dog or tree. Unfortunately, this is a messed up world and it started to be like this long before you were born, so it is not on your shoulders. Just the messes YOU’ve done. And even those, there is solution for them, thanks to Jesus, the Son of God (I John 2:1-2).

Don’t look to the ground you’re stepping but to the point you’re headed. It’s a simple drawing technique: if you’re bound to draw a straight line, never look to the tip of the pencil, but to the end of the imaginary stroke. You can’t fail. Try it! It works every time. Don’t look too much to the person you are now, but more to the person you want to be (my personal tip: look to Jesus Christ). It will leave your shoulders lighter and your head higher and other people will see that on you.

There is perfect beauty in diferences that complement when put together. 
Can’t you see that? Strong broad shoulders were made to carry something and soft laps where made to hold someone. It’s that simple.

Recognize the value and purpose of all people and created things around you, and you’ll find peace, wisdom and joy this modern world knows nothing about. Because it’s origin is not in this world.

I believe in men and women, because both were created in the image of God.
And He believes in us.

“What is man, that You should exalt him,
That You should set Your heart on him?” Job 7:17


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