Every human being has deep in his heart a personal definition of a perfect God.
That Being who comprehends the sum of all your deepest desires for love, attention, availability, power to act and antecipate all your needs and dreams.
This concept of a perfect personal God, however, seams to get easily crushed or at least set aside pretty early in life, as one experience desappointments as soon as a toddler.
From the small fears of a clear messed-up world to the massive of heartaches, there is so many reasons to forget the possibility of that personal image finding its origin in reality.

From all of this, one can almost conclude on his own there must be an invisible conspiracy to destroy all possibilities of pursuing this perfect God that may or may not exist. Everything around you seems to act against it.

Until you notice the fragile perfection of a small bird. Until you feel the warm weight of a baby in your arms. Until you taste the sweetest fruit… And in a flash of a second, the possibility of a perfect God touchest your heart with such strenght that you fear a conspiracy might actually exist to draw you near a Perfection you’ve always desired.

One of those tokens of this Perfection Conspiracy is the book “A God Named Desire”. For me, reading this book was a sequence of smiles, laughs and “I knew it” moments. I’m positively convinced any human reader would have these sames reactions, if honest to himself…

Promise me you will read this book if you have the chance to. It’s not only very well writing (as anything coming from Pr. Ty Gibson) but it IS actually ALL very REAL.
Read it and let the truth sink in. Believe me, you will never be the same again.

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