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There are times my heart longs to be seen and heard, to be noticed. You know, those moments I just finished something beautiful or had a great idea or just laughed on my own… and no one is there to see, to understand, to share a laugh. Those moments that seem perfectly opposite of standing on a stage full of lights and applauses on you.

I’m positively sure I was not made to live alone. Genesis makes it very clear: since the day Eve was made, she never had to be alone—except if she wanted to. And, sadly, the day she did, was the first day this strange feeling entered our world. A moment of loneliness that transformed into alienation from the Creator and distance from the source of life. The consequences, we all know too well.

It was because of this distance that the Son of God had to risk His own existence (oh, glorious sacrifice!) and became creature to be know as Creator and Redeemer.

That’s when I remember, He IS HERE. Has always been! Since the beginning. Being light, being home, being companion. Since the first day, He has been here.

Indeed, He always has been, and always will be, Imanu’El—God with me.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the first to smile at my jokes. I love You. :)


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